Test Drive A New RAM Truck via Virtual Reality


Jeff Summers, the head of RAM Advertising has brought RAM buyers some exciting news; we can now not only test drive RAM trucks in person, but also virtually. In the video above, Summers discusses how the immersive virtual reality experience pairs well with the test driving experience. RAM Trucks has come out with three different test drive videos - one for the RAM REBEL, one for the RAM Limited, and one for the RAM Longhorn. Each video is different because each of the above RAM Trucks has its own unique personality and attributes.

The RAM REBEL in particular "really wants to go off road," for example. Accordingly, in the RAM Rebel's Virtual Reality test drive experience, "drivers" can experience going places to which they probably wouldn't make it without the RAM REBEL helping them.

Virtual Test Drives are Both Fun and Functional

These test drive videos are fun, but they're also functional. Think about the last time you went to a car show. Not every car brand has the space or budget to offer test drives. Now, with virtual reality technology, that is rapidly changing.

If you're interested in taking a traditional test drive, don't worry. Those aren't going away anytime soon. Feel free to come down to Michael Tom's Vigo Dodge, Inc. today for a test drive of your favorite RAM. See you soon!

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