My Car Lease Is Up, What Should I Do?

At Michael Tom's Vigo Dodge, if only we had a dollar for every time we had that question! When you take a car from a dealership under lease, it will expire at one point. It is, therefore, reasonable to be prepared for this day so that you can know what will be required of you when returning the car.

There are four options that you’ll be faced with when returning the vehicle. These are:

  • Do you want to just return the car and be done?
  • Would you want to extend the lease on the car?
  • Would you want to return the vehicle and lease a different car?
  • Do you want to own the car?

The answer to the above questions will guide you on what to do. Typically, at Michael Tom's Vigo Dodge, we inspect all the returned cars to establish the condition of the car. Visit us to see the variety of vehicles you can lease.

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