A DIY Remedy to Brighten Up Your Headlights

Most vehicles will at some point get the dreaded "fog" over their headlight housing lenses from age and sun damage. This condition will drastically affect the ability of your headlights to light up the road ahead, making driving in low light conditions a potentially dangerous prospect.

If your car, truck, or SUV suffers from this and you would like to remedy it on your own without having to purchase all new housings then the good news is that you can actually purchase products to undo that damage and take care of it yourself.

Most of these polishing compounds will come with their own instructions but it basically involves applying the compound to the affected lenses, polishing them until they have cleared up, and then doing a final cleaning. This will take years off of your lenses and make driving at night much safer.

If you have questions about this DIY project then contact one of the experts in our service center here at Michael Tom’s Vigo Dodge, Inc. in Terre Haute.

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