What Is the Best Traction for Snowy Slick Roads?

If you live in areas that have harsh winter climates, then you've probably already used a few of these tricks to create better traction for your tires. But, do you know what is essentially the best and environmentally safest option out there? The most common uses for traction is sand, kitty litter and salt, let's break down what they do and what's the best:

  • Salt not only provides traction, it lowers the water's freezing point so it prevents it from refreezing. It must be used in moderation because it can contaminate groundwater, mess up vegetation and irritate an animal's paws.
  • Kitty Litter can be sprinkled over snow to get you out of a snowy jam but as it absorbs water it quickly turns to clay mush.
  • Sand keeps its grit once wet and is actually the safest and natural resource to use for traction and your driveway.

All of us at Michael Tom’s Vigo Dodge, Inc. are looking forward to answering any questions you have and wish everyone in the Terre Haute area a safe and wonderful winter!

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