What is the Difference Between a Compact Temporary and a Full-Size Spare Tire?

One piece of necessary equipment that many drivers take for granted is the spare tire. In fact, many people do not even carry one in their vehicle. But, the spare tire is clearly one of those things that is better to have and not need than need and not have. But, what a car manufacturer may include as standard equipment with a new vehicle and what the owner may actually need are two different things.

Compact temporary tires are designed specifically to get a vehicle to the tire shop immediately following a flat. They are solid rubber and approximately half the size of a standard full-size spare, requiring less storage space.

A full-size fifth spare tire is easily the most dependable long-term tire for any vehicle, especially when it is a perfect match to the others. This allows the replacement tire to serve permanently if needed and does not require immediate attention to the blown tire.

Whether you are in need of a doughnut tire or a full-size spare, come by and see our selection at Michael Tom’s Vigo Dodge, Inc. and let our tire technicians recommend the best spare for your vehicle.

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