Safest Way to Jump-Start any Car with Jumper Cables

Here are some helpful tips on how to jump-start your car if your battery ever goes dead.

  • To jump-start your vehicle from another car, the two cars need to be positioned so they are facing one another.
  • After the lights and the engine have been turned off, open up the car hoods and start to unravel the jumper cables.
  • The jumper cables have red and black clamps on each end. Start by putting the red cable to the plus side of the car battery with power. The other red gets secure to the positive terminal of the car battery to be jumped.
  • Take the black cable, attach to minus side of the battery with power. Then you take the last black cable and secure to a metal surface on the car getting a jump.
  • Start the car while revving the engine, wait a minute and try to start the other car.

Now is the time to get to our service center here at Michael Tom’s Vigo Dodge, Inc.. so we can give the battery a full inspection before it fails again.


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