Dodge Grand Caravan Offers Advanced Technology and Fuel Economy

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a favorite minivan for families, and now you can take your family anywhere and not have to worry about the budget. Michael Tom’s Vigo Dodge, Inc. in Terre Haute, IN wants you to know about the advanced technology that creates even greater fuel efficiency for the new Grand Caravan.

When the driver pushes the ECON button on the dash, it unleashes technology that changes the timing of the engine and changes the shift points in the transmission to make them the most fuel-efficient. It does all of this without a noticeable loss of power. They also added low resistance tires to reduce friction from the road. All of this adds up to a minivan that can get up to 17 mpg city and 25 highway.

Added fuel economy is only one reason why you will love the new Grand Caravan. Improved technology is what sets this minivan apart.

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