Don't Forget Your Routine Maintenance

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It's easy to let your car maintenance slide, especially when you're busy trying to get from one place to another, juggle your work life with your personal one, and complete every task you have placed before you. While it may seem okay to just push your routine maintenance aside, leaving it for too long will cause larger, and much more expensive, vehicle repairs.

Here are some of the more commonly forgotten about maintenance issues.

  • Oil Changes - Even when the oil light flashes on our console, we just shove it on the bottom of our to-do list. Your oil not only keeps your engine lubricated and running like it should, but it also cleans and cools your engine's parts. Over time it will become thin, sludgy, or dirty and will affect the way your engine runs. In fact, letting your oil sit unchanged, will eventually cause an engine failure.
  • Tire Rotations - Every time you have your oil changed you should also have your tires rotated. Your tires don't wear evenly, like one would think. Depending on how you drive, what type of roads you drive on, and what type of vehicle you have, your tires will each wear differently, some more than others. This uneven wear will result in needing to purchase new tires more often, which will be a big bill more frequently.
  • State Inspections - We get it, having your vehicle inspected is time consuming, inconvenient, and annoying. Unfortunately, it has to be done and, left uninspected you could be pulled over and receive a hefty fine.
  • And Much More!

The bottom line is don't forget about your routine maintenance! It's routine because it helps keep your vehicle in tiptop shape and running for many years to come. If you're ready to get your vehicle like-new, feel free to schedule an appointment with our service center today!

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